Bed & Boot Mol Groenewegen

Bed & Boot Mol Groenewegen specializes in multi-day canoe trips.’Canoe adventure Kop van Overijssel’: Get away from it all for a few days or a week’s holiday. Canoeing in Giethoorn National Park Weerribben-Wieden, the canoe paradise of the Netherlands. Overnight in your own or ready tent or hiker’s cabin on the route. incl. instruction, maps, barrels, waterproof bags, splash cover, life jacket etc.

Binnenpad 28 8355 BR Giethoorn


Atelier 66

At Atelier 66 you can have your picture taken in original costume (you’ll receive a print and a CD).   A nice experience and lovely memory.

At Atelier 66 you can do a workshop “Painting”. Groups as from 6 people.

There’s also the possibility of a horse-drawn tour around Giethoorn and De Wieden’s beautiful nature. Our drivers and horses will happily take you for a short or longer tour in their antique coach. The coach service is ‘hop on – hop off’ in the centre of Giethoorn and surroundings. Also available by appointment:

Binnenpad 66 8355 BV Giethoorn


Expositie Beeldschoon


Galerie ‘Beldschoon’ with adjacent sculpture garden is a source of inspiration for anyone who loves Contemporary Visual Art. Art that suits your feelings and your heart.
You will find a wide range of works of art in which artists distinguish themselves in materials and disciplines. High quality art.

Gallery ‘Beeldschoon’ selects artists for their individuality and professionalism.
Contemporary Art is about what the artist concerns or wants to convey.
Different styles, materials and techniques form a harmonious whole.
Opening hours: by appointment. Please give us a call. Definitely worth a visit!
Ton & Ria Rietveld from Galerie ‘Beeldschoon’ have placed images of various participating artists at various locations in Drenthe, Overijssel and Friesland since 2018.
With each work of art you will find extensive information about the artist and his or her story about the work.
The Beautiful & Benevolent Art Tour of 49 km (runs through Friesland, Drenthe and Overijssel), which you can follow both by bike and by car, takes you to sixteen unique locations in the Free Colonies of Benevolence.
You can start this Art Tour at the art location that is easiest for you. At most locations you have the opportunity to enjoy something tasty.

We also have one with Theeschenkerij De Maartjestuin in Eesveen (5 km from De Pol).
Beautiful Garden, Lunch and Art Package.
More information: or tel: 06-30332868

We also have an art and lunch package with various WeldadigOorden

More information: or tel: 06-30332868.

Löhnislaan 4 8337 KG De Pol